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My Story

I never imagined becoming a small business owner, let alone in photography! But here we are, and I am so grateful.


I knew from early high school that I wanted to be a graphic designer, and spent my free time designing magazine layouts. I completed a Bachelor’s in Visual Communication design (as I had always dreamed), but something was missing!


I had taught myself the science of photography in high school just because I could, but I decided to study photography further at Tafe after my degree. This was the missing spark!


2020 hit, and I ended up in a commercial graphic design position. My camera grew cobwebs and my spark faded.Coming out of lockdown, a very good friend asked me to photograph her new skin clinic, then a product launch, and then her sister’s maternity session… one thing lead to another and I left my full time job to become a business owner.


I threw myself into women’s networking events, and very quickly found my passion in brand photography. Now I get to work with incredible mumpreneurs, business owners and families to create something magical!


Oh! I am still doing graphic design, but much prefer to work with small business owners to create beautiful brands, then in the corporate world 9-5!

What's my Why?

My goal is to help make mums and mumpreneurs alike feel special.

To see the look on their face when I show them how incredible they look on camera.

To see them actually enjoying themselves, when they don't like being photographed.

When I receive an email telling me how much they love and will cherish the images.

That is what light's me up.


Fun Facts

  • I am a co-ordinator for We Rise Networking Greater Dandenong

  • I am a bird mum to 2 Indian Ringneck parrots and 6 chickens

  • I am the definition of a girly-girl and proud of it!

  • I am a Taurus and have a need to be surrounded by plants

  • My favourite season is Autumn

  • My favourite thing to do is sit down with a bowl of spaghetti and watch Ever After.

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